After warchalking (easy-to-draw symbols that can identify wireless network nodes), there's psychalking (warning others of dangerous mind control hotspots.

((From memepool.)


The Spamdemic Map, a map of who's paying who to spam, and how they're all interconnected.

Like the Conspiracy Chart, only for real.

(From the Daily Illuminator.)


Today's music tips: MC Frontalot (really odd hip-hop) and KOMPRESSOR (really, really odd industrial).

They did a track together - this was where I first heard MC Frontalot, in Rappers We Crush, but their separate works are great too.

And once again, it's been ages since I wrote anything. Oh well... Two-weeks post-festival, a tally of my experiences.

I survived the Arvika Festival, despite not having any place to raise my tent in the functionary camping (I got some space in a friend's tent).

I saw: Tribeca and Joseph Arthur (not really my thing, but I was working at that stage, so... Joseph Arthur was very nice in person, too), Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Swan Lee, Institut, Haujobb (excellent EBM), The 69 Eyes, Svenska Akademien (a brief bit... eh, I'm not really a fan of hip-hop/reggae), Pain, Ticon, The Delta (wonderful! energetic techno and heavy bass), DJ MORG, Run Level Zero, Assemblage 23 (very good, though the vocals are better on the albums), Icon Of Coil, Etnica, DJ Kvasi, Infected Mushroom, Pluxus, DJ Axel, Soft Cell (enh. not that good), Talamasca, Luke Slater, DJ Mark Allen, Covenant (the songs they played from the new album Northern Light sounds like they're returning towards their pre-USM sound), and Das Ich.

I didn't see (but wanted to): Missljud, Ich Bin Laden, The Cure, Phrank, DJ Anti, and DJ Joti Sidhu.

I heard, from a distance: Puss, Orbital, and Timo Maas.

I avoided most of the mud on the regular camping, though I visited friends there.

All in all, an excellent festival.


Well, not that I've written much recently, so my faithful reader probably won't notice any difference, but I'll be going off-line tomorrow until Sunday, as I'm off to the Arvika Festival, there to watch as many as possible of Haujobb, The Cure, Orbital, Institut, Assemblage 23, DJ Anti, Run Level Zero, DJ Kvasi, Infected Mushroom, Soft Cell, Covenant, Icon Of Coil, Pluxus, Das Ich, Talamasca, and lots of others.