And another inactive month...

Here are today's record purchases:

  • Lustmord, Metavoid: deep, dark, droning ambient-ish soundscapes.
  • MS Gentur, First Chapter: Rythmic noise, in the vein of Converter and Noisex.
  • Thomas K├Âner, Daikan, a "live" album (and I use the quote marks advisedly) from the European Media Art Festival in 2001. Another review of this work of dark, cold (daikan is a Japanese term, "dai"=big and "kan"=cold) soundscape architecture.
  • Imminent Starvation, Nord: more rythmic noise, though not quite as dancefloor-y as MS Gentur, and more towards the soundscapes (again) with harsh, looping percussion.

Well, that about wraps it up for October, I fear. Anyway, in two weeks, I'm off to Tinitus 2002, featuring Front 242, Covenant, Melotron, Dive, Malaise, Tarmvred, System, The Pain Machinery, and a bunch of DJ:s and VJ:s, and the week after that I'll see VNV Nation. Looks good...